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We are home owners who had the misfortune of hiring Brian Darnell of Prodigy Restoration Group LLC (also dba Darnell Group, dba Darnell Construction, dba Design-Build St. Louis LLC, dba Brian Darnell Design) to perform work on our home.

In the summer of 2015 we paid him as Prodigy Restoration Group to replace two doors and two windows in our home and to replace the roof on our house.

In total we paid Darnell’s Prodigy Restoration Group LLC over $10,000 before any work to the house was started.

Brian Darnell refused to do any work, attempted to extort more money from us, and refused to give us the doors and windows we had paid for.  We learned too late that Brian Darnell had been in Chapter 13 bankruptcy since 2010 and had been through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy several years prior.  We were dealing with a two time loser.  We also discovered Darnell had been taken to court by another former customer who had lost over $30,000 to the shady Brian Darnell.

brian darnell design crook
Brian Darnell Group, or Darnell Construction, or Design-Build St. Louis, or Brian Darnell Design

The St. Charles County Police sought an arrest warrant for Brian Darnell on theft charges but due to a technicality the case did not go to Criminal Court.

We were forced into a protracted Civil lawsuit from which we were awarded a $16,990 judgement against Prodigy Restoration Group, but Brian Darnell proclaimed he was shutting the business down and would not pay the Court judgement. 

During the lawsuit Darnell started two new business entities and has resumed his ‘business‘ practice under new names such as Darnell Construction, Brian Darnell Design, and Design-Build St. Louis.

Brian Darnell was sued by another customer while our lawsuit was underway, and today 4 years later that customer is still trying to get closure through the justice system.

The intention of documenting our experience and those of other victims is to continue the work of Chris Nagus of KMOV Channel 4 who brought this unscrupulous contractor to the attention of consumers in Missouri.


In St. Louis Missouri KMOV Channel 4 News had their investigative reporter Chris Nagus expose Brain Darnell, featuring this unethical business person in a consumer protection news segment.

Chris Nagus warns St. Louis about Brian Darnell
Chris Nagus warns St. Louis about Brian Darnell