Brian Darnell Construction

The shell game that crooked contractor Brian Darnell plays includes a large number of Limited Liability Company names that he tries to conduct business under.  As in our case, the owner of these business’ will close the Limited Liability Company to avoid responsibility for his actions and then claim to have no responsibility to his unfortunate Customer on account of the business being shut down.

Brian Darnell Construction Shell Game
Brian Darnell Construction Shell Game

We strongly urge consumers who are considering having construction or contracting work performed by Brian Darnell Construction to look elsewhere.  A single contractor who operates under such a larger number of different LLC names is doing business in a manner that creates a high risk for customers.  Brian Darnell’s history with the Civil Court system and Bankruptcy Courts should serve as a warning, and coupled with the multiple LLC’s that this unethical contractor hides behind, should leave no doubt in a consumer’s mind to steer well clear of Brian Darnell.

If you are a consumer and are concerned that you may be getting involved with a crooked contractor, or you would like to check into a contractor you are considering for a remodeling job or some other general contracting work, here are a few resources available to you.

The Secretary of State website in your state may contain a registry of business’ that are authorized to operate in your state.  This means nothing about operating ethically, Brian Darnell has multiple business entities registered in Missouri at his O’Fallon address.  There are telltale signs that the business may be untrustworthy, in the case of crooked contractor Brian Darnell the Secretary of State in Missouri took over as the Registered Agent of Prodigy Restoration Group when the existing registered agent, Brian Darnell himself, failed to fulfill the responsibilities that being a Registered Agent required.

The Missouri Secretary of State website shows that Darnell-Group filed a notice of winding up, this is a request submitted to the State when the business is making a request to close down.  Looking at the Missouri Courts website one will find that this notice of winding up occurred at a time when Brian Darnell’s Darnell Group construction service was engaged in a Civil Lawsuit with customer Robert Cook, a lawsuit that would see Darnell Group losing and the plaintiff customer being awarded in excess of $30,000.  Trying to close the business in-conjunction with an unfavorable decision in a court case with a customer is not how an ethical contractor operates.