Final Judgement against Brian Darnell Business

The case of Brian Darnell’s O’Fallon Missouri based Prodigy Restoration Group business with customer Sandy Sheldon that began over 4 years ago finally came to conclusion.

The Judgement document from the St. Louis County Civil Court communicates what we already know about the crooked contractor, Brian Darnell.

Brian Darnell Lawsuit Judgement
Brian Darnell Lawsuit Judgement

The court states that since the interlocutory order of default against Darnell’s Prodigy Restoration construction business in 2017 that Prodigy Restoration Group, which is Brian Darnell, has “taken no action whatsoever in this case“.

Doing absolutely nothing to resolve a dispute with a customer is the pattern that Darnell demonstrates over and over again in court case after court case.

The fact that Brian Christopher Darnell has been in Chapter 13 bankruptcy for over the past decade helps to explain the failure to show up in court to resolve the lawsuit.

With a $57,000 judgement against his business Darnell is surely happy to still be in bankruptcy.  Added to the $22,000 that Darnell is indebted to us for, the crooked contractor currently has $79,000 in unpaid legal judgements.