Darnell Construction

Darnell Construction is the latest Limited Liability Company name that owner Brian Darnell is using to conduct business.

With the 2016 judgement against Prodigy Restoration Group LLC, and Brian Darnell’s subsequent refusal to pay the damages awarded by the court, Mr. Darnell closed Prodigy Restoration Group and began operating as Darnell Construction.

This follows a pattern of business closures following an unfavorable court judgement that was also seen in 2015.  Then operating as Darnell-Group LLC, a judgment in excess of $30,000 was entered against that business, whereupon a “Notice of Winding Up” for Darnell-Group LLC was filed with the Secretary of State’s office.

This link is to Darnell Construction, so you are aware of which contractor to avoid.

Multiple businesses to conceal the deceit and con folks out of money.  Prodigy Restoration Group LLC (dba Darnell Group LLC, dba Darnell Construction LLC, dba Design-Build St. Louis LLC)

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