Brian Darnell Bankruptcy Anniversary

Crooked contractor Brian Darnell stole $10,000 from us but has used Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to avoid paying the court ordered judgement that he owes us.

For this construction and roofing contractor November 2018 marked a milestone event in Brian Darnell’s life of bankruptcy, 4 years of continuously being in Chapter 13.

These past four years have only been the tip of the Brian Darnell Bankruptcy iceberg though.  A closer look at the records contained at the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system shows that the current Bankruptcy streak was interrupted in June of 2014 when Darnell’s bankruptcy protection was stripped by the courts for not making the plan payments.

Darnell immediately filed to have the Chapter 13 bankruptcy re-instated, and after a 6 month mandatory waiting period was over, Brian Darnell went bank into bankruptcy protection.  If this brief absence from bankruptcy had not occurred, Brian Darnell’s length of time spent in Chapter 13 would stretch back almost 9 years!  Nearly a decade of time spent living in Bankruptcy all the while starting new construction and remodeling business entities and then closing, or threatening to close them, as problems with dissatisfied customers arose.

As bad as this is, the indicator for how poorly Darnell manages money is shown again by the court records, in 2002 Brian Darnell filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and in 2003 it was approved.  Chapter 7 is the bankruptcy in which the trustee cancels many (or all) of the debts owed.  This means that after having many (or all) of his debts wiped away by the court in 2003, it was only seven years later that Darnell had created such a financial mess for himself that he was permitted to have Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.  This is the same person that wanted us to pay substantial sums of money upfront before he would do work on our house?

If you are considering doing business with Brian Darnell we strongly caution you to avoid doing so.  Darnell does construction and roofing under a variety of names such as Darnell Construction, Darnell Group, Design-Build St. Louis, Brian Darnell LLC, and formerly Prodigy Restoration Group.

Watch the investigative report that KMOV News Channel 4 in St. Louis did about Brian Darnell, or watch the investigation of how these Crooked Contractors operate by WHEC News 10.