Brian Darnell Lawsuit Judge Change

The latest lawsuit involving general contractor Brian Darnell taking place in the St. Louis County courts has been dragging on for so long that there has been a change of Civil Court Judges.

Brian Darnell Lawsuit - Change of Judges
Brian Darnell Lawsuit – Change of Judges

Now the next case management conference is scheduled for mid-November, 2 years and 8 months after the unfortunate Ms. Sheldon had to take the unethical Brian Darnell to court to seek justice.

Brian Darnell is fast approaching 4 years straight of being a party to lawsuit in the Missouri Court system as one customer after the next has had to deal with the crooked contractor in court.

The dubious streak of years spent in Civil court is however eclipsed by Darnell’s time in Bankruptcy Court, a period of time that stretches nearly unbroken back to 2010.  How this crooked general contractor based in O’Fallon manages to still do construction business in Missouri is a sad statement about the lack of regulation of that industry.  Consumers have little protection from crooks like Brian Darnell except to avoid doing business with them in the first place.

Brian Darnell Construction O Fallon
Brian Darnell Construction, O Fallon