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Brian Darnell Civil Lawsuit With Customer Drags On

Brian Darnell the unethical general construction contractor in O Fallon Missouri featured in a NEWS 4 Special Investigation has reached another Civil court milestone, dragging the case with former customer Sheldon on for so long that now a third judge is being assigned to manage the case.

The new judge presiding over Darnell’s current lawsuit is ROBERT M HEGGIE of St Louis County.

The court update to Casenet tells the cautionary tale of why avoiding this crooked contractor is advisable:

Brian Darnell Lawsuit Continues to Drag On
Brian Darnell Lawsuit Continues to Drag On

That is correct, now for 1058 days an unfortunate citizen who chose to do business with Brian Darnell has been trying to make things right.  1058 days that the homeowner could have spent concerned with other matters than trying to get their money back from an unscrupulous person.

What is even more damning is the court entry from November 21 of 2017, well over a year ago.  In that update the Judge entered an Interlocutory Order of Default against Brian Darnell’s business.

Brian Darnell Preliminary Default Judgement
Brian Darnell Preliminary Default Judgement

The Missouri Supreme Court rules state the following about an Interlocutory Order of Default:

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First is that Darnell “failed to plead or otherwise defend as provided by these rules…”  Darnell did nothing, leading to the case dragging on and continuing to be a headache for the homeowner.  This conduct was most recently seen elsewhere in Darnell’s bankruptcy where he had failed to provide the case manager with required documents when requested.

Second, “After entry of an interlocutory order of default, a default judgment may be entered.”  Which basically says the handwriting is on the wall and Darnell is going to lose this lawsuit.

This continues a pattern of irresponsibility exhibited by Darnell and documented in Civil Court and Federal Bankruptcy court records stretching back almost two decades to the time when Brian Darnell first filed for Chapter Seven bankruptcy in 2002.

Brian Darnell continues to operate using multiple business names in O’Fallon Missouri.  Darnell Construction, Darnell STL, Darnell-Group, Brian Darnell Design, Brian Darnell Construction, Brian Darnell Design-Build Construction Group, are but a few of the names this individual operates under.