Brian Darnell Losing Streak Continues

Twelve months following the $16,990 judgement that we were awarded against Prodigy Restoration Group, Brian Darnell’s most recently failed business entity, another losing lawsuit is wrapping up.

Prodigy Restoration Group - Brian Darnell - Lawsuit
Prodigy Restoration Group – Brian Darnell – Lawsuit

Another dissatisfied customer, Ms. Sheldon, has been in the St. Louis courts for well over a year trying to get resolution after Brian Darnell failed to deliver.  Rick Ludwig, Ms. Sheldon’s attorney, was interviewed by KMOV News 4 Investigative Reporter Chris Nagus as part of his report on the unscrupulous Brian Darnell.

Court records show that an interlocutory order of default has been entered against Prodigy Restoration Group.  Of course the owner of Prodigy Restoration Group, Brian Darnell, is still in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, where he has been almost continuously since 2010.  Now operating under a different business name, Darnell Construction, or perhaps Darnell-Group, or Design-Build St. Louis, or simply Brian Darnell, Darnell has positioned himself to shirk responsibility for his actions should another lawsuit arise.

For Ms. Sheldon she will have the challenge of obtaining damages from Mr. Darnell who has a long line of creditors waiting to be repaid as part of his bankruptcy.

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